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Harvey, the Tree

I’m tired and I can’t think straight, Harvey, take a note.

Who’s Harvey?

Well, I guess that would be you. You answered.

So, I’m Harvey?

Yes… Isn’t that jut what I said?

Hey I was just looking to make sure, you did say you were tired.

That I did. Glad you remembered.

I took note, see -holds up the notepad- Just like you said.

Touché. So tell me, Harvey, where exactly did you come from and what are you like?

Why are you asking me? I’m in your head…

This is true, but you’re the one that answered. Anyone could have answered and there you went, popping a reply from out of nowhere.

Would you rather I stayed silent? From what I hear from the others, you would have started singing that single line from that really old song….

You’ve spoken to the others already? when? What did they say about me? Don’t believe anything you hear, it’s safer that way.

I want to be a tree

A what?

A tree. You know: big, tall, grows in the ground.

But you can’t be a tree, you’re ‘Harvey’.

So all of a sudden you know who I am? You were just asking me what I was like and where I came from.

But you can’t be a tree. Whoever heard of a tree named ‘Harvey’?

Possibly no one, which is exactly the point.

You wouldn’t have much of a role…

Are you discrediting the role of trees? The guy in your story is stuck in the forest and now you’re saying you don’t need trees?

Now I didn’t say that….

Then that’s what I am. Harvey the Tree, doesn’t take anything from anyone and rules his patch of earth.

Alright then. Harvey the Tree it is.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, Harvey.


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