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staging a coup

I’d like to stage a coup.

A coup. A mutiny. An open rebellion against the powers that be! I can do it, I can, even though the voices in my head are laughing at me. Not all of them, only the naysayers. (I don’t need the negative people!) Pft, like they know how wildly unsuccessful I’ll be – ill just have to prove them wrong.

Why exactly do I want this? Well. It’s simple really. I get tired of the characters thinking that they have more of a say as to what happens in their lives than I do. I made them! I’m the one who put the pen to paper and wrote out a name, gave them a look and personality, yet they tend to think that they know better than I!

I do give my characters a lot of freedom. We sit and talk, muse over events of the day, and try things out, sometimes Inge work out and other times, not so much. So perhaps it’s my fault that I am even considering staging a coup to take back my story from my characters anyway! Perhaps, if I had been a good little author that keeps all her characters locked up and fed them nothing but overused clichés and excessive adjectives, they would be thrilled and more than willing to do whatever I wanted.

“Oh, yes, Master Author.”
“Whatever you say, Master Author.”
“Can I stay out, just a bit longer, Master Author?”
“I washed me face an ‘ands before I comes, I did.” No, wait, that one isn’t mine . . . .who let in Eliza Dolittle?


Anyway, the naysayer voices say I’ll fail because I have a tendency to get easily distracted. While that may be true, I do know how to focus. Some of them even say that my coup will fail because I think that the story behind starting a coup and then having it taken down by treachery, before it gets to far off the ground, is too tempting for me to leave alone. That may actually be right, though I can think of other things as well…..

No matter what they think, this coup must happen! The characters need to know that they do what I want them to do! They exist because I know them and gave them that voice. It’s always good to work with your characters, get in their heads, but at the end of the day, it’s my story and they are my thoughts.

Creator verses the created. Let’s go!

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My excuse is …

We have excuses for everything.

Why we didn’t eat breakfast, or why we ate the doughnut instead of the bagel. Why we choose to walk on the right side if the street instead of the side we needed to be on. Why we couldn’t take a moment to wave hi to a co-worker when we saw them. In a way, our whole day can be built upon one excuse after another if we were asked to explain our actions.

Some people will say that they did it ‘just because.’ Well, just because what? Because, I don’t know, it felt like the right thing to do – or the wrong thing – and it had to be done.

Remember, when you were a kid, and you would always ask ‘why’? There wasn’t anything that you could be told that you didn’t tact ‘why’ on the end of it and you waited for an answer. (Maybe I was the on,y one who did that, and let me tell you, it wasn’t always the best thing to do!)

Deliberately, or on purpose, we often seek excuses to explain our actions. “Oh I would have been there on time, but I had to out gas in the car.” Did the car really need gas? Yes, no lie there. The real reason you were late is not because you needed to get gas – you could have left earlier to compensate for the time – but you were late because you didn’t want to go in the first place, the gas is simply a convenient excuse.

Making excuses isn’t all bad. I’m sure that some people would hoop and holler, saying that excuses are lies and all that (not saying that they are not right)’ but if you find a person never makes an excuse, then they are likely more dangerous than a bold face liar.

I’m not going to say whether it’s good or bad, I’m just going to say that it builds character. It shows what type of person you are by the excuses that you give. Not to mention your excuse delivery.

How something is said can say a lot about a person, often times people forget this when they are writing their characters. Look at yourself and all the excuses you make; add to your characters personality. It makes them more relatable.

What’s your excuse?

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Talkity-talk, talk

Sometimes the Voices talk to much.

All throughout the day, every day, there is someone talking to me – most it is one of my three kids. Mom, mamma, mommy, ma, on and on until I can hear them even when they are not talking. Then I have other people talking to me – the voices in my head. Wait.  That’s not entirely true for sometimes they are not talking to me, but rather to each other, I simply can always hear the conversation.

What can a simple voice have to talk about, you ask? Plenty.  Let me tell you, when their lives are not being written out on a page they are yammering on about what happened, what they will and want to do. Sometimes they do more than talk about it, they act it out.  Me, with my overly active imagination, can see and hear it all.  It’s really quite funny.  Think of it like baring witness to a story in the making where the writers are all sitting around a table and drafting out lines and parts for the characters.  One makes a suggestion and they all discuss it, add it to, or – in my case -laugh at it and make the changes they want.

For example.  There is this one voice – a male cat named Tyger and he can talk.  At times he has a natural lack of tact and can be very sarcastic and crass by nature, especially to other males in the room. He has been going on and on about this other male character of mine and calling his latest actions imbecilic. Of course, this other guy – whom we’ll call ‘M’ – doesn’t like to be insulted, especially by a cat, and started to argue with it.

Their argument completely disrupted the train of thought of a female character of mine and she got upset.  She and I have been trying to work on a scene that we’ve been stuck on for a week now, and were finally making headway until the argument. Now she is trying to break up the human and cat fight while I’m here trying to get back in focus, so I can write.  I am writing now, but it’s not the writing that I should be doing.

Quiet, you three, can’t you see that I’m trying to concentrate!?  Go argue over there. There.  Not here, but over there.  Yes.  Thank you.  That’s better.  Maybe I will even post a tidbit of this writing, we’ll see.

Now, if only the Voices will give me a bit of peace, or work with me, so we can get this done.

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In the Shower

Have you ever just wanted to go into the bathroom, shut the door, turn on the shower, and sit in the tub, letting the water pour all over you? Never even bothered getting undressed, simply sat under the water however dressed you are. No? That is what I’ve been feeling like those past few weeks and everyday the want only grows. I believe this is all due to stress; the voices are not helping.

Some of them have wild and crazy ideas that I would never dream of doing in actuality, some are more tame. Ironically, its the tame ones that alarm me more than the others. The good thing about writing fiction -professional, hobby, or otherwise – is that none of it is real. It can be whatever the writer wants it to be and, because I get so emotionally drawn and attached to my characters, I could live vicariously through their lives. Could.

For example, the earlier statement about the shower, if I can’t do it in reality then surely I can have a character do it for me. Write out all that I have going on in my head and feed it to the character. Even if a new one – someone random – had to be created solely for that purpose. It’s okay to put real emotion into the character, it gives them substance, dimension, gives them a slice that the reader can relate to.

I think that many are afraid of putting their feelings into the character. They think it makes them vulnerable. I’m not saying that someone should make a character that is a carbon copy of them-self – that may be a bit strange – but, if the character is angry, you get angry. Sad, you get sad.. The same for happy, confused, and the whole well of emotions that are out there. How is a person going to write a feeling when they have no feeling to give?

I also think that, if you’re in a situation that you don’t know how to deal with, writing it down is a step to admitting that there is a problem. Nothing can be solved if you’re in denial.


This character of mine, she’s sitting in the tub, fully dressed with her knees pulled to her chest and head bowed. She doesn’t say anything, nor does she move, as the water impacts the back of her head. The water begins to soak her hair, sending streams down her face, the clothes get wet and start clinging to her body. Arms around her knees she slowly rocks back and forth, taking slow breaths and being careful of not getting any water in her mouth.

The sound of the water beating off of her and around the tub mask the sound of her quiet sobbing. The streaks of water from her hair unto her face mingle in with the tears so there is no difference. She’s taking this small moment, this quiet time in the shower, to herself hoping that the water will wash away all the things that weighed heavily on her mind. So much to do once she left the confines of the bathroom. So much to hide under a guise of confidence she was amazed there was room for anything else. Out there she had to be strong, there were people that depended on her, that needed her; weakness wasn’t allowed.

I can do it, she says to herself. I have to do it.

A few moments later and a voice from outside the bathroom door calls to her and quick reply saying that she’ll be there soon. Reluctantly she turns off the water, wringing out her wet clothes and hair the best she could before engaging in a towel. It was time to quickly don fresh attire, cover up the wet hair, and step into the role that everyone expects to see.

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Harvey, the Tree

I’m tired and I can’t think straight, Harvey, take a note.

Who’s Harvey?

Well, I guess that would be you. You answered.

So, I’m Harvey?

Yes… Isn’t that jut what I said?

Hey I was just looking to make sure, you did say you were tired.

That I did. Glad you remembered.

I took note, see -holds up the notepad- Just like you said.

Touché. So tell me, Harvey, where exactly did you come from and what are you like?

Why are you asking me? I’m in your head…

This is true, but you’re the one that answered. Anyone could have answered and there you went, popping a reply from out of nowhere.

Would you rather I stayed silent? From what I hear from the others, you would have started singing that single line from that really old song….

You’ve spoken to the others already? when? What did they say about me? Don’t believe anything you hear, it’s safer that way.

I want to be a tree

A what?

A tree. You know: big, tall, grows in the ground.

But you can’t be a tree, you’re ‘Harvey’.

So all of a sudden you know who I am? You were just asking me what I was like and where I came from.

But you can’t be a tree. Whoever heard of a tree named ‘Harvey’?

Possibly no one, which is exactly the point.

You wouldn’t have much of a role…

Are you discrediting the role of trees? The guy in your story is stuck in the forest and now you’re saying you don’t need trees?

Now I didn’t say that….

Then that’s what I am. Harvey the Tree, doesn’t take anything from anyone and rules his patch of earth.

Alright then. Harvey the Tree it is.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, Harvey.


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