Don’t give up on your dreams

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to write a book. It has been a dream of mine to one day see ThorLokiBooksomething that I’ve written in the hands of another person. Not only that, but to know that they are enjoying what they are reading. To provide a retreat, even if it is only for a few minutes out of the day, where they can go to get away from the daily grind is what I have always wanted to do with my writing.

It has taken a while and the journey to get here hasn’t been an easy one. There have been late nights, caffeine overloads, self-doubt, anguish, an overwhelming urge to destroy my computer (good thing I didn’t listen to the voice that gave me that advice…), but through it all I kept going. That is what matters. That is what counts. When you set your feet on a path to where you want to go, and towards the things that you want to do, you have to have the strength to keep going.

Life isn’t fair. Life will toss everything it can at you to take you from your goal. It will dangle temptations in front of you and put them right within your reach. If you’re distracted, just a little bit, from your path and start to veer off, then it is easier for another distraction to come along and, when it does, it pulls you a bit further from your path. You can get so distracted with everything else that life is putting in front of you that sooner or later your path is so far away and you have to wade through a bunch of nonsense, things that don’t really matter, simply to get back to it.

It’s okay if you get distracted. It’s okay if you get pulled off of your path to venture down another. It’s not okay if you never get back, or you forget, what it is that you really wanted to do and where you were going.

Thor and Loki guarding the advanced copy of 'Past's Prologue'

Thor and Loki guarding the advanced copy of ‘Past’s Prologue’

I got distracted. With my family to take care of and a household to run, there are countless things that always need my attention. I did not forget my goal, but I had a hard time getting to my goal. I never gave up though, and now I am rewarded with having my first book in print. I sent one of my good friends an advanced copy of the book, and she was kind enough to send me a picture of it on her desk.  It’s being guarded by Thor and Loki, no less!

Simply because it is done, does not mean that the process is over.  Not by a long shot. There’s always another step to take, more ground to cover, one more thing that has to be done.

Here’s to not giving up on your dreams.  Here’s to having the courage to take one more step.

Interested in getting your hands on a copy of Past’s Prologue, or want to know more about it? Check out the following links below!

Remember, one of the best things you can give an author is a review!


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The Quiet

The holidays are a very ‘noisy’ time for me. There’s so much to do, so many things to get ready for, and all the time that I have seems to be taken up doing things for everyone else. When I finally find the time to have a little peace and quiet I’m too worn out to enjoy it.

This does nothing for my creative state of mind and often leads to burn out. Staring blankly at the computer screen and listlessly scrolling through random things on Pinterest, having very basic conversations and giving rote replies, that’s how burn out begins for me. I found myself doing exactly that not moments ago.


Currently it is very quiet in my house. The only sounds you can hear are the clicking of the keys as I type and the humming of the refrigerator. I’m not counting the sounds the house randomly makes on its own. (No one is going up, or down, the steps so why are you creaking!?!) It is quiet enough that I can hear the voices in my head.

I’ve never fully understood the people who have to have some noise in the background. I admit, from time to time I can be found with headphones in my ears or the TV turned down and on some random station simply so there can be noise. However, this often leads to me listening to whatever it is and having to split my attention. Especially if there is talking involved.whispering to each other as they craft their next ploy. It is quiet enough that I can my various trains of thought leaving their stations full of ideas that I haven’t had the time to think about due to the noise of the season.

So, sometimes, to avoid burn out and get back to being my normal self, I have to sit in the quiet. A lot can be learned in silence.

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Lost Keys and Internal Dialogue

Do I talk to myself? Yes, yes I do. Does that make me crazy? Normal society may say yes, but who has time for anything normal? Better yet, who wants to be normal? I don’t! Anyway, recently I lost my keys and, during yet another search of the house, one of my voices decided to speak up. What you see next is the dialogue that followed. Enjoy my crazy.


I’ve looked for them everywhere. Yes, even in that hard to reach spot and the spots that don’t make any sense. Everywhere, and I can’t find them.

Well, you know, if you had looked everywhere then you would have found them.

I wasn’t talking to you, thank you very much.

Oh, you weren’t? I don’t see anyone else around here to listen to your ranting.

If you want to get technical about it, then you’re not here either. You’re just one of the voices in my head.

I know you didn’t say what I heard you say . . .

….That.. you’re just a voice in my head?


Well . . . you are.

I see. That’s the thanks that I get for coming all the way down here, stoping what I was doing, so I could come and keep you company. The nerve.

If anything you are being more of a hinderance, than a help, to me finding my missing keys!

Always asking for help, and then when it shows up you ignore it.

I’m not ignoring anything but maybe your lack of common sense.

Even has to throw insults at me.

Ugh. Look. Okay. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot and —

Now you want to apologize?

…… Sure.

That’s more like it. I have better things to do than sit around trying to help you remember something so trivial as where you put your car keys. So, did you check your bag?

Of course I checked my bag.

Are you sure?

Positive. I checked it twice, even turned the whole thing inside out.

Did you check the drawer?


Did you check under the couch.

Yes. I even checked in the pan in the closet, and you know that I never go up there.

Hmm, I see. Well, I hate to tell you this, but your keys are lost.

I never would have guessed…

Don’t get cheeky on my now or I won’t offer my help. I’ll talk to the other Voices and see if any of them can remember anything about what you did when you came home. You were so frazzled that day most of us were simply trying to stay out of your way.


You’re welcome. It may take another day, but we’ll find the keys and we’ll let you know where to look when we do. RIght now, stop thinking about it and do something that doesn’t require any thinking at all.

Gotcha. I’ll just be over here, doing nothing.

Glad we understand each other.

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Catching the Late Train . .

A good friend of mine participated in NaNoWrimo this year and, though they didn’t make the word count, they still managed to get in a good deal. They’ve posted part of it on their site, give it a look!

To Repair the World. . .

So, another November has come and gone, and like many before it I failed to finish NaNoWriMo. . The good thing is, there’s always next year! try and try again! Until then, since everyone else is doing it, I wanted to share the first chapter of my story in the hopes that showing it off will give me the needed push to get back to work on it!! To those who wish to leave a comment, please keep in mind that this is a first draft. It is not finished nor is it meant to be perfect!


    How time flies when one was supposed to be sleeping. Clear gray eyes stared restlessly up at the ceiling above them, slowly tracing patterns into the dark wood grain. After what seemed to be an eternity a sigh erupted the silence and with some shuffling a form gradually parted from…

View original post 2,782 more words

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Taking the Journey

Every great journey has to start somewhere.

Whether you step out boldly and full of bravado, or silently inch your way into the light, nothing will happen of you don’t take that first step. No one said that it was going to be easy — once you take a step, you can’t go back, and that is something that scares many people. It even scares me. But, shouldn’t you be a little scared?

Being afraid doesn’t always mean that you cower down and run away.  Having a fear of something, especially change, shows that you have respect for the change. A type of reverence that says that what you are about to do means something.

I always wanted to write a book and put it out there for others to read. Now that it’s been written it’s time to press onward into the world of publishing. And, for a special treat, I’ve put the first chapter here on my blog! Follow the link below and enjoy!  Best of luck to you all in whatever journey lies before you.

Past’s Prologue: Chapter One

Synopsis: Five hundred years ago, the Shadow War tore the Four Kingdoms apart. Now, the Ma’Tradom’s and the Master’s discreetly rule the Realm to keep history from repeating itself. But, away in the North, the shadows are stirring and the fate of their world rest in the hands of a girl with no faith and a boy with a vengeful heart.

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Novel Month Casualties

Scraps of paper lie listlessly on the floor. Scribblings of half thought out ideas and various combination spelling of ordinary words are written there and the paper is just waiting to be picked up and delivered to File 13. Smoke from the flurry of typing is still rising from the keyboard after having been abandoned hours earlier. The keyboard’s keys mourn the loss of letters that have been worn away by endless finger compressions. The old chair, which bore the weight of frustration, turmoil, and sweat for the past 30 days now sits empty. It doesn’t know what to do with itself anymore. Neither does the table. It has rings from coffee cups and mocha stains upon its finish that may never come out. What will happen to them now, the unsung warriors of this writers indulgence into the madness that was NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month), now that the novel has been written?

Eventually the papers will be cleaned up and the computer keyboard brushed off and given care. The table will be wiped of its stains with care and the old chair will be treated to a much deserved cushion and padding to extend its life. All signs of the month long struggle will be gone and replaced with the light musings of a content writer.

Oh. Wait a minute. The story may be written, but the work had only just begun! Now comes the editing, and editing the editing. The query letters, the endless hours of searching through internet sites to see what people are saying is the best way to network. They make enough coffee to handle the things that are yet to come!

Sorry computer, sorry chair. Scraps of paper, it’s time you got yourself in some type of order. November was just a warm up; now it’s time for the big leagues. We’re going to need some new recruits.

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This is how we NaNo

Every November I take part in National Novel Writing Month – or better known as NaNoWrimo (I simply call it NaNo). It’s an event where people from all over dedicated the month to writing a novel of, at least, 50,000 words.  Why? Because they’re crazy!  We’re all just a bit crazy, a little bit.

This year I’m using NaNo to revise, update, and rewrite the novel that I was able to complete last year.  I’m quiet happy with it – even though rewrites are killing me at times – that I thought it would be nice to share a chapter!  I’ve listed it under the ‘Stories’ section, but I ‘ll provide a direct link to it here as well.

Enjoy and, to any of you tapping away on the keys on your path to NaNo victory, good luck!

Past’s Prologue Chapter One


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