What are the Voices?

When a person says that they have voices in their head, normally, the average person would think them crazy. However, if the person with the voices happened to be a writer, does the thought of crazy still apply?

A writer has a crazy, innate, way of taking the most mundane of objects and giving it a voice and life of its own.  Making it come to life on paper and in the minds of the reader is what they do, not only because it’s what they want to do, but because its something they have to do. Many characters – unique and intriguing – living inside the writers mind, just dying to get out.

I am a writer, and I’ve had voices in my head for years – and I love to write. With this site I aim to chronical my writing as I attempt to take a novel from my head, to paper, to publishing.  And, who knows, maybe toss in a few of my short stories here and there.

Here’s to writing.


What do you have to say?

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