24 Apr

A good friend of mine talks about not letting the thoughts of others determine what he should be doing, or where he should be, in life.


Epiphany-an experience of sudden and striking realization.


I have never claimed to be the smartest person in the world, nor would I. That would mean I suffer from the character flaw of pride, and I have no flaws.  That would be a silly thing to say, considering I am enrolled in school to learn a new trade, namely computer information technology. This isn’t the epiphany I promised. We’ll get there, though. Trust me. 

I have lived on this gem, this marble in the satin of the universe, this third rock from the sun. as the late great Jimi Hendrix sang, for fourty years. My contributions are, at best, minimal. I’ve done things, said things, seen things, etc. that I wish I could take back. Heck, haven’t we all? I helped in the production of, in my opinion, two of the most awesome kids in the world. I admit…

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