Catching the Late Train . .

08 Dec

A good friend of mine participated in NaNoWrimo this year and, though they didn’t make the word count, they still managed to get in a good deal. They’ve posted part of it on their site, give it a look!

To Repair the World. . .

So, another November has come and gone, and like many before it I failed to finish NaNoWriMo. . The good thing is, there’s always next year! try and try again! Until then, since everyone else is doing it, I wanted to share the first chapter of my story in the hopes that showing it off will give me the needed push to get back to work on it!! To those who wish to leave a comment, please keep in mind that this is a first draft. It is not finished nor is it meant to be perfect!


    How time flies when one was supposed to be sleeping. Clear gray eyes stared restlessly up at the ceiling above them, slowly tracing patterns into the dark wood grain. After what seemed to be an eternity a sigh erupted the silence and with some shuffling a form gradually parted from…

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