Novel Month Casualties

30 Nov

Scraps of paper lie listlessly on the floor. Scribblings of half thought out ideas and various combination spelling of ordinary words are written there and the paper is just waiting to be picked up and delivered to File 13. Smoke from the flurry of typing is still rising from the keyboard after having been abandoned hours earlier. The keyboard’s keys mourn the loss of letters that have been worn away by endless finger compressions. The old chair, which bore the weight of frustration, turmoil, and sweat for the past 30 days now sits empty. It doesn’t know what to do with itself anymore. Neither does the table. It has rings from coffee cups and mocha stains upon its finish that may never come out. What will happen to them now, the unsung warriors of this writers indulgence into the madness that was NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month), now that the novel has been written?

Eventually the papers will be cleaned up and the computer keyboard brushed off and given care. The table will be wiped of its stains with care and the old chair will be treated to a much deserved cushion and padding to extend its life. All signs of the month long struggle will be gone and replaced with the light musings of a content writer.

Oh. Wait a minute. The story may be written, but the work had only just begun! Now comes the editing, and editing the editing. The query letters, the endless hours of searching through internet sites to see what people are saying is the best way to network. They make enough coffee to handle the things that are yet to come!

Sorry computer, sorry chair. Scraps of paper, it’s time you got yourself in some type of order. November was just a warm up; now it’s time for the big leagues. We’re going to need some new recruits.

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