Never Underestimate a Writer.

01 Nov

“How could you understand, you’re just a writer.”

Anyone who says that, or thinks it, clearly doesn’t understand what it means to be a writer. It’s not all about sitting down and putting words to paper or taking dictation, if it were that simple then anyone could do it. Writing is art. Sure, it can be taught, but some are inheritable gifted storytellers.

That’s what we are. Story tellers.

Writers are the creators of worlds, religions, people. Writers influence perception; cause people to take a second look at something they otherwise may have overlooked. They open eyes to new worlds beyond dreams. Writers inspire style and nurture new ideas. They coach people through difficult situations and help inspire confidence.

A writer is often labeled as an outcast, a person who fails to see life for what it really is, but I venture to say that this isn’t so. Not only do they see the world and it’s faults, but they have the audacity to see something better. To see the lessons that people need to learn and teach it in such a way that the viewer doesn’t know they’re being educated.

Taking nothing, and turning it into something, that’s what a writer does. Never underestimate the power of words. Never under estimate a writer.

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