My thoughts are not wrong.

29 Sep

Life is hard. People lie. Bad things happen. Hopes get demolished. Beliefs are challenged. Anything that would make a person satisfied is always threatened by something, even if the only threat is ourselves.

Living on this sort of place I have never been able to understand why people are so against opinions. Why they are so against ideals and things that, to them, is completely bonkers and birthed out in a left field so far away that it’s impossible to see. Why are people so eager to crush the thoughts and opinions of others?

Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that if someone had a thought other than the majorities that it will change the whole system. Even if they don’t like how the current system works, because of fear, they don’t want to see it changed. The biggest way to keep people from formulating thoughts that are not warranted is to keep them from reading. Keep them from seeing the insides of another persons head – unless that person is saying all the things that you want them to say, then it’s okay. The can’t imagine anything different if there is nothing different to think about.

Others may say that it is about control, but people want to have control because they have fear. The two work hand and hand.

One of the most absurd things I always hear when people find out what I do is they say, “Aren’t you a bit old for fairy tales? ” Do they not know that it is the people of my generation, and older, who are writing books and scripts for things that they should have, according to some crazy notion, stopped thinking about years ago? Perhaps they are afraid that if the older generation is dreaming, and thinking outside the box, coming up with new ways to think about subjects and handling problems, that they will teach it to their kids. And those people will dream and the world will stop being the way it is and transform to something new! They’re afraid of the new!

When people are afraid they hold on to what they know, even if they feel it is the wrong thing to do. It’s almost a knee jerk reaction and it takes a rather strong crowbar to get them to budge. Someone told me that I don’t know when to stop playing and that the voices in my head are simply that – voices that I created. If people took time to sit down, with their problems, and talk things out the I believe that things would be better. But we are told that talking to ourselves is wrong, it makes us crazy. There’s nothing wring with it.

There’s nothing wrong with girls wanting to be the MVP in football, or a boy wanting to dance In a ballet. Why must be out down the thoughts and ways if other people, if they do different that out expected norm? Encourage them, even if what they are doing seems silly and off base. Encourage yourself to do something different.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your thought are wrong.


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2 responses to “My thoughts are not wrong.

  1. Heaven

    September 29, 2013 at 7:45 am

    “Why are people so eager to crush the thoughts and opinions of others?

    Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that if someone had a thought other than the majorities that it will change the whole system.”

    People don’t think that far when talking about who is right. So fear of change can’t be it. People get angry when another’s opinion threatens their own, and only if they feel their thoughts and opinions make up a sizable portion of their identities (and so their identities as people are at risk).

    Otherwise, they probably just like the high of a successful persuasion session, or backing their opposition into a corner through reasoning, and showing their opposition’s position is too weak to carry a valid idea. Fear comes later, after action.

    • thenovascotia

      September 29, 2013 at 7:51 am


      Perhaps if people, then, we’re not always so quick to get angry when some ton suggest that they think differently or take a different perspective, the world would be a better place. To many people get hung up on being right all the time and getting their way.


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