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staging a coup

I’d like to stage a coup.

A coup. A mutiny. An open rebellion against the powers that be! I can do it, I can, even though the voices in my head are laughing at me. Not all of them, only the naysayers. (I don’t need the negative people!) Pft, like they know how wildly unsuccessful I’ll be – ill just have to prove them wrong.

Why exactly do I want this? Well. It’s simple really. I get tired of the characters thinking that they have more of a say as to what happens in their lives than I do. I made them! I’m the one who put the pen to paper and wrote out a name, gave them a look and personality, yet they tend to think that they know better than I!

I do give my characters a lot of freedom. We sit and talk, muse over events of the day, and try things out, sometimes Inge work out and other times, not so much. So perhaps it’s my fault that I am even considering staging a coup to take back my story from my characters anyway! Perhaps, if I had been a good little author that keeps all her characters locked up and fed them nothing but overused clichés and excessive adjectives, they would be thrilled and more than willing to do whatever I wanted.

“Oh, yes, Master Author.”
“Whatever you say, Master Author.”
“Can I stay out, just a bit longer, Master Author?”
“I washed me face an ‘ands before I comes, I did.” No, wait, that one isn’t mine . . . .who let in Eliza Dolittle?


Anyway, the naysayer voices say I’ll fail because I have a tendency to get easily distracted. While that may be true, I do know how to focus. Some of them even say that my coup will fail because I think that the story behind starting a coup and then having it taken down by treachery, before it gets to far off the ground, is too tempting for me to leave alone. That may actually be right, though I can think of other things as well…..

No matter what they think, this coup must happen! The characters need to know that they do what I want them to do! They exist because I know them and gave them that voice. It’s always good to work with your characters, get in their heads, but at the end of the day, it’s my story and they are my thoughts.

Creator verses the created. Let’s go!

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Writer’s right to write

I came across this picture today, and I thought that it was fitting.  “10 Steps”.  I was thinking about printing it out and putting it in my workspace as a reminder, or a guide, of what I should be doing – which is writing.


Don’t get my wrong, I love to write and I write all the time, but, am I writing what I should be writing?   If you were to ask the voices in my head, 80% of them would say no, 12% would say yes (those would be the ones that I am currently writing with), and the other 8% probably wouldn’t care either way . Those 8% are probably random extras who hope that, by staying silent, they can out live their shelflife. Poor unfortunate souls.

Anyway, what was I saying?

Right, writing.

The steps say that to be a better writer one must write. While I believe this whole heartedly, I also believe that the writer can’t simply spew nonsense form the tips of their fingers [blogging isn’t nonsense, it’s constructed chaos of the mind set to paper, thank you very much!] and call it writing.  Who would want to read a mass of jumbled jargon that didn’t make any sense?  Well, I would, but I’d like an explanation to it all in the end.  No one likes to be left in the dark on something that they are reading.

So, here we go. Write to write to write.  If you never start writing somewhere you may never start at all.  Sometimes people think that they have to sit down and be able to write a massive amount at one sitting, or that they must put out perfection and, since they don’t’ believe that they can, they don’t even try.  My writing is certainly not perfection and, sometimes due to my crazy life of having three kids all under the age of 8 in the house, I only get out a handful of sentences at a time before I go insane.  But I write.  It gets easier, everyday, to write.  It may be one sentence a day, then it goes to two, then three.  Before you know it, you’re writing paragraphs at a time.

And it’s okay to stop the main thing you are writing to go and write something for fun [look at me, I’m doing that very thing right now!].  If you make writing a chore, or work, then you’ll never want to do it. You have a right to write what’s fun.  If you’re not enjoying what you’re writing, then why would anyone enjoy reading it?

Think about it!

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