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My excuse is …

We have excuses for everything.

Why we didn’t eat breakfast, or why we ate the doughnut instead of the bagel. Why we choose to walk on the right side if the street instead of the side we needed to be on. Why we couldn’t take a moment to wave hi to a co-worker when we saw them. In a way, our whole day can be built upon one excuse after another if we were asked to explain our actions.

Some people will say that they did it ‘just because.’ Well, just because what? Because, I don’t know, it felt like the right thing to do – or the wrong thing – and it had to be done.

Remember, when you were a kid, and you would always ask ‘why’? There wasn’t anything that you could be told that you didn’t tact ‘why’ on the end of it and you waited for an answer. (Maybe I was the on,y one who did that, and let me tell you, it wasn’t always the best thing to do!)

Deliberately, or on purpose, we often seek excuses to explain our actions. “Oh I would have been there on time, but I had to out gas in the car.” Did the car really need gas? Yes, no lie there. The real reason you were late is not because you needed to get gas – you could have left earlier to compensate for the time – but you were late because you didn’t want to go in the first place, the gas is simply a convenient excuse.

Making excuses isn’t all bad. I’m sure that some people would hoop and holler, saying that excuses are lies and all that (not saying that they are not right)’ but if you find a person never makes an excuse, then they are likely more dangerous than a bold face liar.

I’m not going to say whether it’s good or bad, I’m just going to say that it builds character. It shows what type of person you are by the excuses that you give. Not to mention your excuse delivery.

How something is said can say a lot about a person, often times people forget this when they are writing their characters. Look at yourself and all the excuses you make; add to your characters personality. It makes them more relatable.

What’s your excuse?

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