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…. and then, without even knowing if it was safe, they jumped.


Wait. What? They jumped?  Who jumped? Where are they jumping from and what are they jumping into?  Obviously they are not jumping into anything safe or the above would have never been stated.  Why did you start off in the middle of a thought!  What’s wrong with you?  That’s not how you treat your followers!!!!

Maybe it isn’t how you treat your followers but, have you ever noticed, that is exactly what writers do when they put up season finales of shows?  It’s what the writers do when they end a story that is only one of series and they want to leave you wanting to get the next book.


We love them, and we hate them  – sometimes we do both at the same time – and know that we’d be disappointed if things ended peacefully.   Peace means the end, that there isn’t anything of that story left to tell that’s important.  We never want our favorite things, our latest addictions, to end.  We like gathering around other people and talking about what happened and what we hope (and expect) to see next time.

I don’t like good things to end, I know that they must, but I don’t like for them too.

I’m writing a story, and I’m almost at the end of it, but I know that this end will not be ‘the end’ as everything cannot be wrapped up in the space I have given myself.  Therefore, I know that it’s going to end in a cliffhanger.  The problem is, which one?  If I wanted to I could end it right now.  Toss down the pen, throw my hands up and yell “That’s it!  I’m done! Suffer in your stuck circumstance characters!”   Everytime I try that, the characters start yelling at me, saying that I can’t leave them there like that,  it’s not fair, end it on something else, so on and so forth.

I can’t make all my characters happy, someone is going to be left at a cliffhanger, left to dangle there in whatever circumstance they are in, until the next book can be started.

Cliffhangers.  Where would our sanity be without. . . .


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