The Writers Block

20 Feb

I hate writers block. I hate it when I have all these ideas in my head but, when I go to put it down, I can’t seem to get it out. It’s right there, staring me in the face, and yet it’s being held back.

I picture my characters being chained to that wall and if I write anything down they will be hurt. Stabbed. Shot. Tortured. Any number of things that they do not want done. One of my characters even told me that if I write anything down they will be forced to be happy. I could barely believe it and nearly laughed until I realized that, for them, it would be torture. It’s a rather malcontent character and they like to stay that way.

The only way that I’ve found to combat Writer’s Block is to negotiate with the one who tied my characters to that block in the first place. That person just happens to be myself.

How crazy is that?

I’ve tied my characters to a block and made it difficult for me to move on with a story that deals in their lives. There has to be some type of name for something like this.  Besides crazy.

I engage in negotiations with my characters all the time, over what move they should make, why they went left instead of right, and why can’t they all just get along. However, when it comes to talking to myself, with no middle man, just me stripped bare with my thoughts, it freaks me out. I end up stumbling all over myself and running in circles just to get a point across.

Why is that? Could it be that it is scary to look at myself, to see what is really there? We look in the mirror and fix our appearance, brush our teeth, practice smiling, but how many of us look and actually see ourselves? It can be pretty scary.

If I want to progress in my story, get past this Writers Block without torturing my characters, I’ll have to face myself. That block is there for a reason. I have to figure out what that is and come out a conquerer.


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