Heat and Creativity

19 Jul

The heat is messing with my creativity.

Every time I start to write all i can visualize is my characters panting in the hot heat. I tried to think of what my characters would be doing at this exact moment and the answer I got was “getting out of the heat”. Usually, when I have a repetitive thought in my head, I choose to write about that. Doesn’t have to be be main stream along with my current idea – it’s okay to side step and write other things – but I can’t even seem to do that at the moment.

I tried that and this is was the result:

“It was too hot to move. It was too hot to think.”

That is where the brain shut down.

Now, normally, ideas and words would be flowing from those two short sentences and creating something grand and perhaps even a bit comical but now? Oh no, i can’t think of a thing. Funny how i can’t think of anything for that and yet the words for this post are flowing out of me like water. That’s what I like to call ironic.

It has been awfully hot here where I live, the kind of hot that makes a person want to strap a block of ice on top of their heads. The sun has also been very bright, I’d venture to think that the sale of sunglasses and sunblock has shot up through the roof. Can you imagine it?

“Hey there! Hey there everyone! Sunglasses and ice block caps on sale! Right here! Get them while you can for the ultimate protection against the heat!”

The only downside would possibly be how fast your inventory would melt. Though, I suppose, lining your business cart in liquid ice or whatever it is that keeps things frozen (I never said I was knowledgeable in this area, I’m a writer, not a scientist) would help to solve that problem. Then again, I suppose the product would have to cost a pretty penny for you to be able to afford to line your cart with liquid ice. Hmm.

On the side of random writing something about someone who is dying in the heat could lead to a rather interesting short tale. Maybe I will run with this I can feel the wheels turning already.

But first I need to get cool.

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One response to “Heat and Creativity

  1. diannegray

    July 20, 2012 at 7:56 am

    This is great! Love it 🙂


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