Monthly Archives: June 2012


A lot of times people who want to write say that they can’t because they are not inspired by anything.  Is that really the truth, or could it be that they are not letting themselves be inspired? People get so caught up in looking for inspiration that they often miss what is right in front of them.

Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms.  You can be inspired by something you hear, or a thought that crosses your mind.  Even not being inspired to do anything can be inspiring – as strange as that seems.  As a matter of fact, I wasn’t inspired to write anything today because of all that I have going on and yet, here it is, I’m writing and you’re reading.

If you are going to write then that’s what you need to do – write.  Inspired or not.  Many think that if they are not ging to write anything of merit than they are better of not putting down anything.  I say write anyway .  Write the first thing that comes to your head even if it’s ‘I don’t know what to write’, and you’ll be amazed at how the few words can turn into many.

Who knows, maybe in your ‘ranting’ you will write something that will inspire you?